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browse our signature selection of lifestyle-inspired meal subscriptions, customize your own plan, or order catering for your next event!

Customize Your Plan

indicate frequency of delivery (or pickup), select your preferred payment plan, and provide some details on your dietary preferences.

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your special delivery will arrive on Mondays and/or Thursdays, according to your subscription.

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delight in the ease of having healthy, delicious, and affordable meals prepared for you!

Plans We Offer

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One - Off Order

$10 delivery fee + optional tip for courier

no automatic renewal

Weekly Subscription

renews automatically

$8 delivery fee up to 5 meals/week; free delivery for orders exceeding this quantity

10% average savings per meal

Monthly Subscription

15% average savings per meal

$8 delivery fee up to 5 meals/week; free delivery for orders exceeding this quantity

renews automatically

Discover the Health and Lifestyle Benefits of our Vegan Meal Service in NYC

at stem kitchen, we believe that eating plant-based is the key to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. our curated vegan meals are designed to provide you with the nutrients you need to support your body and the planet.

  • Boost Your Energy Levels with Nutrient-Rich Ingredients

  • Support a Healthy Lifestyle with Our Delicious Vegan Meals

  • Improve Digestion and Gut Health with Plant-Based Foods

  • Minimize Your Carbon Footprint by Embracing more plants

Signature Programs

we offer a variety of meal services to cater to your dietary needs. Whether you're looking for a convenient meal subscription, a custom meal plan, or a one-time order, we've got you covered.

Workday Lunch

say goodbye to stress when making healthy choices on busy days. This plan covers from Monday through Friday, saving you from last-minute, overpriced salads or succumbing to leftover pizza at work. Skip the meal prep and enjoy well-balanced lunches hassle-free!

Corporate Lunch

share the love of plant-based food with your entire team! Our plan offers weekly, biweekly, or monthly lunches for larger groups, conveniently delivered to your office at lunchtime.

Weekend Warrior

balanced weekend meals are tough, but stocking your fridge with healthier options allows you to enjoy new restaurants guilt-free. Plus, save leftovers for stress-free meals during the week—they'll keep for a few extra days!

Weeknight Dinner

too tired to cook after work but still craving a home-cooked, nutritious dinner? This program has you covered, leaving you one night a week to either cook or dine out with friends!

Weeknight Dinner for the Fam

agonizing over how to feed the kids more plants and fit in cooking while balancing the other demands of parenthood? Look no further. this is an option that will satisfy the whole family!

Custom Plan

tailor your meals to your specific likes and preferences with our custom meal plans.


from book clubs to Shabbats, holidays, and beyond, Stem Kitchen is here to cater your next gathering! Choose this option, and we'll discuss your vision. Then, sit back and let us handle the rest!

About the Chef

Hi there! I'm Dani, an Upper West Sider who's been thriving on a plant-based diet for nearly four years. Transitioning to veganism after college transformed my life—I shed 30 pounds and embraced a healthier lifestyle. I am constantly fine-tuning my eating to fuel myself through life’s constant changes, be it multiple marathon training cycles or recovering from a recent hip surgery and maintaining my health through a sedentary lifestyle. Many of my friends ask me to cook for them or make them a “meal plan” and i have developed a knack for teaching others how to refine their eating habits and make eating plants feel accessible and delicious for all.

I am not a trained chef, nor am I a nutritionist or dietician. However, i have always been obsessed with cooking and inventing new, wholesome recipes. I also have a BA/MS in chemistry from Northwestern University, and worked as a food & beverage chemist for almost two years, and frequently utilize my science background to bolster my food knowledge. I am currently working on a certification course from food future institute, a plant-based online culinary program.

Stem kitchen is more than a job - it’s my calling. lean in and give it a try. i promise you will love it. i’m so excited to feed you!


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