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discover a variety of delicious and nutritious vegan meal plans to suit your lifestyle.
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browse our selection of lifestyle-inspired signature meal plans that you didn't even know you needed. the prices are good, and the food is even better. there's truly something for everyone. your meals are delivered right to your home or office, or can be picked up on the upper west side!

none of our signature plans cutting it? no problem! customize your own plan, including types of meals, quantity per item, and frequency. pricing will be determined once we get all your preferences, but you can expect to receive a similar quote to the cost of the signature plans. we got you covered!

shabbat dinners, book clubs, brunch parties, holiday meals, you name it...stem kitchen is here to cater your next gathering! just answer a few quick questions, and we will chat about your vision. then, sit back and let us handle the rest! we offer either in-home prep or pickup/delivery options. please note that this selection requires minimum 2 weeks' notice.

Okay yum!!!!!!!!!!!! Every bite was so fresh, so tasty, so nourishing. You knocked it out of the park Dani!!!! I can't thank you enough.

- Madison